The firm is focused on servicing its clients in the most professional, ethical and efficient manner, in addition to providing the most sensitive and expeditious service delivery.It is one of our primary objectives to ensure that clients’ legal risks are managed adequately to reduce exposure to litigation.

To that end, we have lined up with a competent legal practitioner, backed by competent administration, and an internal monitoring and evaluation plan, in order to ensure completion of the assignment on time and in full.

We also attain a competitive edge by offering services which include, amongst others, Civil & Criminal litigation in High and Lower Courts; Administration of Deceased Estate, Wills & Estate Planning; Commercial Litigation, Contracts & Company Law; litigation focusing on National Credit Act; Foreclosures & Evictions; Family Law, Maintenance
& Matrimonial litigation; Conveyancing; Debt Collection, Medical Negligentand Third Party Claims (R.A.F) all of which have become essential for the everyday life of South African businesses and citizens.


The mission of PAT MAGWAZA& ASSOCIATES Inc. is to become a Regional and National well established legal practice that provide high level of legal
expertise to its community and the people of South Africa at large, buy utilizing the full resources of law to become the market leader in providing litigation
services, legal solutions, remedies and advice. To accomplish this, the firm will combine high-quality workmanship with accessible costs in the fraternity. In ensuring the accomplishment of the mission of PAT MAGWAZA & ASSOCIATES Inc., the objectives of our legal team include:
• To be successful legal experts;
• To provide efficient services to the community and
the business society;
• To rebuild the trust in the legal process of disputes
• To be part of the growing legal business sector;
• To maintain the highest of ethical standards;